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Healthy Care

Healthy Care is one of Australia’s leading pharmacy supplement brands available exclusively through Chemist Warehouse.

The range was developed together with pharmacists, nutritionist and health care professionals from all over the world to achieve quality standards unsurpassed in efficacy, quality and value.

Healthy Care is 100% owned by Nature’s Care and is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Belrose, New South Wales where we have total control of production from source to shelf.

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Pro Series

We’re the only company that manufactures all their supplements on such a large scale in our own facility in Australia. We really believe we’ve always had a superior product but until now our packaging never told this story.

Introducing the Pro Series range of supplements, made to our trusted highest quality standards and presented in sleek premium packaging.

The distinctive look is designed to make it easier for everyone to select their preferred product whilst reflecting a comprehensive lifestyle approach.

As supplements assume an increasingly important part of daily modern life, the Nature’s Care Pro Series range is well positioned to fit everyone’s life.


Royal Series

Royal is our Propolis range. Propolis is truly one of nature’s miracles. A pure, organic substance collected by bees from tree bark and leaves to seal their hives and protect them from outside contaminants.

Both Nature’s Care Royal Propolis and Manuka Honey have long been attributed with many health benefits. They’re a rich source of antioxidants which increase our stamina and immunity to disease. And because our Royal range is 100% Australian you can be sure you’re doing the best by your body.


At the very heart of the VitAustralia range lies a deep appreciation and respect for nature’s ability to provide our bodies with what we need. This nutritious and affordable range of whole food supplements is made using the latest scientific knowledge and highest quality ingredients.

Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities VitAustralia is 100% Australian made and available exclusively through Woolworths.


Accepting that there is nothing more important to someone than their health we set out to create the Vitamore range.

Almost 20 years in the making, the premise of Vitamore is a simple one: a superior product that allows our customers to live a healthier life. And because all our products are guaranteed to be 100% Australian made it’s something you can believe in.